5 Things Drivers Can Do to Save Fuel

Gas prices are rising and many rideshare and delivery drivers are concerned about how much it will cut into their profits.

Here are 5 things drivers can do to save fuel that will help their bottom line.

  1. Check your tire pressure. Monthly at a minimum. Weekly is better. Low tire pressures create more rolling resistance which affects your mileage.
  2. Change your engine and cabin air filters. Your engine air filter is not as important if you have a newer car. A dirty cabin filter will make the AC work harder which will affect fuel mileage.
  3. Get the junk out of your trunk. Extra weight makes your vehicle work harder. Also remove any bike or luggage racks you’re not using.
  4. Slow down and drive smoothly. Speed kills your mileage more than anything, smooth braking and acceleration will also help your mileage. Avoid “jackrabbiting”.
  5. Reduce how much you idle. Try to avoid the drive-thru. If you do find you need to sit for a long time, shut off your vehicle.

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