Driving Exclusively on Lyft for 1 Week

Like many other ride-share drivers, I drive on multiple platforms. The bulk of my rides come from Uber with Lyft contributing about 15%-20%.

Some weeks I’ll also do deliveries if the trips are a little slow but, for the most part, I can drive a few hours for three days and reach my personal goals.

I wanted to see if I could achieve my weekly goal only driving for Lyft. Keep in mind, my goals are very modest. I’m a part-time driver and I’m only doing this for supplemental income.

I created a Twitter thread that documented my progress throughout the week. I wanted to expand on what I shared there in this article.

How I Drive

To start with, let me explain how I drive. I typically only drive during the morning and afternoon commutes.

I don’t drive late at night and I avoid the bar scene like the plague.

I have a moderate commute (35-45 minutes each way) and I can usually get rides on my way to and from work. This keeps the extra miles on my car low and I don’t have to put in a lot of hours.

If I’m free on a Friday evening I might drive for 2-3 hours to make a little extra money over my goal.

What I Like About Lyft

Because I haven’t been driving much on Lyft, I wasn’t very comfortable with the platform. After exclusively using the platform I’ve found some things that I like.

  1. Lyft pays more. For the time being, Lyft has not implemented the new rate system in my area. Lyft pays about 4¢ more per mile. That doesn’t seem like much but those pennies eventually add up.
  2. Auto-queuing of rides. When I’m just out driving and I don’t have a specific destination in mind, having rides automatically added to my queue is helpful because it keeps me driving without having to interact with the app.
  3. Scheduled pick-ups. I can check for rides when I want to drive. Scheduled pick-ups are great because I can plan my trips better and know that I have a ride. It would be nice if drivers got notifications when pick-ups were available.

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What I Don’t Like About Lyft

  1. No night mode. This drives me up the wall. Having that bright white and pink screen in my face at night is distracting and strains my eyes.
  2. Per-trip destination filters. I prefer Uber’s destination filter because I don’t have to reset it after every trip. I set it in the morning or afternoon and go. With Lyft I have to reset it after each ride.
  3. Too much tapping. As a driver, I need to interact with the app too often. There are twice as many taps required to give a ride with Lyft as there are with Uber.
  4. Fewer passengers. This is the main problem I have with Lyft. There just are not enough riders on the platform for the way I drive.

The Final Verdict

There were days on Lyft where I didn’t get any rides. That rarely happens with Uber. By Friday, I had only reach about 60% of my weekly income goal.

This prompted me to drive on Saturday night to try and make up difference. After only getting one ride in an hour, I switched to Uber.

I was able to drive for two hours and make up the “lost” income (about 30% of my goal).

Driving exclusively with Lyft isn’t possible in my area. My style of driving doesn’t pair well with the platform.

With Uber, I make the platform work for me. Lyft wants me to work for them.

I’m not ready to delete Lyft yet. Being able to drive on multiple platforms lets me keep my options open.

Do you only drive on one platform? What are things like in your area?

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