Here Are 7 Things You Need to Know to Be a 5-Star Passenger

As a passenger, you want the best ride possible. Drivers do their best to provide you with 5-star service but you often don’t hear about how passengers can help drivers.

What you may not know is that you are rated as a passenger too. If your rating is too low, some drivers may not accept rides from you and this can lead to longer wait times for you.

If your passenger rating is extremely low, Uber or Lyft may temporarily suspend your account and you’ll be unable to use the platform.

Here’s a list of 7 things you can do as a passenger to make sure you get a 5-star rating.

Communicate before the pick-up

If you’re being picked up at an apartment complex, mobile home park, or strip mall it can be difficult to find your location. Be sure to share any special instructions with your driver so they can find you easily.

If you’re being picked up at a business, search for the business in the app rather than dropping a pin. This will help drivers locate you much faster.

Too often I pull up somewhere and drive around in circles because a passenger dropped a pin and they’re actually one door down or across the street.

Confirm your driver’s license plate and name

Drivers have no way to verify you are who you say you are. We can’t ask for ID and it’s easy for your to put any name you want in the app.

By confirming the license plate on the vehicle and the drivers name you can almost guarantee that you’re getting in the right vehicle.

Uber and Lyft are both testing confirmation features that will make the process even more fool-proof.

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Chug it or chuck it

As a driver, I like to keep my car clean for all of my passengers. That means I’m probably going to ask you to dispose of your drink or food before you get in the car.

Besides keeping the car clean, it’s also illegal for you to be in my car with an open alcoholic drink.

Since I don’t want a ticket, you’ll need to chug that drink or chuck it before I give you a ride. It’s also best to dispose of any messy food you’re eating before you ride too.

Confirm your destination

Sometimes passengers accidentally choose the wrong destination or a driver doesn’t recognize the address.

By confirming your destination, drivers can make sure they’re heading in the right direction.

It’s easy to pick a hotel or restaurant with the same name but a different address in the app.

Sometimes a driver knows there’s a Holiday in on Maple Street but doesn’t recognize the address. Mentioning that you’re going to the Holiday Inn helps the driver a lot.

Converse with your driver

Drivers meet a lot of interesting people throughout the day. Most of the time, we’re happy to talk about our day with you.

At the very least, greet your driver and let us know if you don’t want to talk. If the car is too hot or cold, let us know. Want to listen to music? That’s fine too!

Just ask your driver and he or she will be happy to accommodate you. We want you to have a pleasant ride.

There are three topics you don’t want to discuss with your driver: politics, religion, and sex.

Steer clear of those and your driver will give you a great rating.

Clarify directions

If you live in an area that has spotty cell phone reception, it can sometimes be difficult to get good directions and the driver app can act up.

Sometimes street signs are missing or obscured and if it’s dark it can be hard to tell where to make a turn.

Feel free to let your driver know, “It’s the next left,” and don’t be surprised if a driver asks you for a little clarification if they’re driving in an unfamiliar area.

Believe it or not, even the most experienced drivers can end up driving in unfamiliar locations. Help your driver out when asked.

Chill out

Sometimes rides can take longer than expected due to unexpected traffic or weather conditions.

If you’re running late you might be tempted to ask your driver to speed or break a few traffic laws to get you to your destination quicker.

Don’t do that. Chill out. We will get you there as quickly and safely as possible.

Final Thoughts

As a driver, I want you to have a pleasant experience when you ride in my car. As a passenger, you can make the experience even better by remembering these seven simple tips.

If your driver provided you with excellent service, tip! Cash is always preferred but you can also tip in the app before or after the ride ends.

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